Guild Information

Newly created guild. Leader must edit this text.

The guild was founded on Ixodus on 29 Sep 2019.
Current leader is Andres Famous.

Guild Members
Name and title
Level and Vocation
Leader Andres Famous 508 Elder Druid
Ak Astudiillo 419 Elder Druid
General Thyzera 533 Royal Paladin
Vice-Leader Rafaedzor 413 Elder Druid
Elder Druid Demente 386 Elder Druid
Ak Astudillo 373 Elder Druid
Skiletth 398 Elder Druid
General Marlinho 519 Elder Druid
Ak Jandy 377 Elder Druid
Ak Manu 338 Elder Druid
Na Rola Dura 423 Elder Druid
Alberto 240 Elder Druid
New Sky 315 Elder Druid
Travis Scott 309 Elder Druid
Thiiagoh 341 Elder Druid
Chama No Brelele 301 Elder Druid
Shrinkz 336 Elder Druid
Hoxiton 318 Elder Druid
Dano Manjin 250 Elder Druid
Melss 275 Elder Druid
Elite Knight Ak Andres 469 Elite Knight
Nao Comba 428 Elite Knight
Master Sorcerer Impact 404 Master Sorcerer
Vieiirau Iloveexp 580 Master Sorcerer
Matadore Denewbas 404 Master Sorcerer
Cahptt Dieghaooh 500 Master Sorcerer
Fabricioo 355 Master Sorcerer
Renpilot 268 Master Sorcerer
Skazix 286 Master Sorcerer
Tito Drugg 262 Master Sorcerer
Troll Amado 324 Master Sorcerer
Jhow 322 Master Sorcerer
Royal Paladin King Andres 432 Royal Paladin

Guild Invites
Level and Vocation
Javi Sky 284 Master Sorcerer
Im Neto 310 Elder Druid
Amo Wele 373 Royal Paladin
Marlinho 354 Elder Druid
Krystia 251 Elder Druid